Website Creation & Design

The sites we design are specifically built on a platform that focuses on music artists and the tools needed to manage and promote your music.

  • Responsive Design that adjusts to mobile devices.
  • Connection to all your social channels.
  • Ability to sell music, merch, tickets, subscriptions and crowdfunding.
  • Tour calendar, latest news and blog functions with built-in podcast capabilities.
  • Newsletter and fan mailing list built-in.
  • Robust analytics and data including visitor reports, song plays, sales, and fan growth.

Why should every artist have a website?

It’s a little slice of the internet that is owned by you, always. It’s your online real estate and you own the experience. Your fans and the industry will always be able to find you at your official website address.

With all the talk about social media and with literally billions of worldwide users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. won’t a social page work just as well?

It can be easy to question whether or not a website should be the hub of your online presence. We hear this all the time, artists talk with us and wonder if having a strong presence on their social channels won’t work as a replacement for a site. While building a strong presence on one or more social networks is critical, don’t assume that what you build there and the things you can do today will remain the same for as long as you and your music are around.  It’s not your real estate and the organic or free reach is continuing to shrink and the rules of the game (algorithms) are constantly changing.

It’s your story to tell. A site shows that you're serious about your craft and brand and it makes a much better impression than supplying just a social media profile. In today’s digital environment it’s more important than ever to create a professional presence where you control the experience. You control the design and branding with no sudden changes to your ability to engage. No distractions like ads and links encouraging visitors to click away. You have the ability to connect and re-market to your fans without limitations on how many of them actually get to see your message.


Lets Get To Work!

Artist Application

You don't have to be a Chair 55 Artist to have access to our team and be able to work with them on any of our stand alone services which include: 

  • Developing & Refining Your Brand 
  • Website Design 
  • Social Growth Marketing  
  • Songwriting & Collaboration 
  • Artist Mentoring  

We help clients nurture and grow their ENGAGED AUDIENCE and brand regardless of whether they are an artist on our label.

If you are interested in an opportunity to become a Chair 55 artist you can apply by clicking the application button below. We take time to review every application that is submitted.

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