Developing and Refining Your Brand

Your brand is the image people have of you and your music.

Simply Put - Who are you?

There are many different things that help establish your image and define your brand but narrowing things down and getting to the heart of the matter brings us to 5 major pieces that make up your brand identity or “who you are”.

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Message

It may sound silly and you may have a good feel for who you are and what your music stands for… this isn’t normally the challenge. Once you know who you are, your work to communicate that begins and the uphill climb to make sure your fans and followers hear you starts.

The better you are at communicating your message and getting heard, the more inspired, motivated and engaged your followers are going to be. They will be more willing to take action and help further promote you and your music.

We totally understand that as an artist all you want to do is make great music and connect with people who love that great music. Developing and refining your music brand is the first step in being better heard.

Sometimes this all might feel overwhelming and put you in a state of paralyzation.

We can help.

Meet with a branding expert who helps create your own unique brand and brand voice. They can work with you to craft and refine your message and inspire your fans to take action.

Let's Get To Work!

Artist Application

You don't have to be a Chair 55 Artist to have access to our team and be able to work with them on any of our stand alone services which include: 

  • Developing & Refining Your Brand 
  • Website Design 
  • Social Growth Marketing  
  • Songwriting & Collaboration 
  • Artist Mentoring  

We help clients nurture and grow their ENGAGED AUDIENCE and brand regardless of whether they are an artist on our label.

If you are interested in an opportunity to become a Chair 55 artist you can apply by clicking the application button below. We take time to review every application that is submitted.

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