Chair 55 Stand Alone Services Open To All

You don't have to be a Chair 55 Artist to have access to our team and be able to work with them on any of our stand alone services which include:

We help our clients nurture and grow an ENGAGED AUDIENCE.

Chair 55 Exclusive Artist Services

Actual Chair 55 signed artists have access to working with our team on the following exclusive services:

  • Work Tape Demos
  • Production & Tracking
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Promotion
  • Booking
  • Artist Management
  • Influencer Relationships

If you have interest in becoming a Chair 55 Artist please click here and fill out the application for review.

    Artist Application

    Chair 55 was created by and is still currently run by artists in addition to other industry professionals, we understand how frustrating it is to work hard at something you love and are passionate about but then feel like you can't break down the walls and be heard. Because of this we promise to take time and review every application that is submitted.