Jeneen is a true songstress, and a powerful performer with both fire and soul in her voice.  Her early influences ranged from Anne Wilson, Pat Benetar, Karen Carpenter, Willy Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.  

She grew up in Buffalo, NY with a love of singing and after getting her BA in Music, she decided to move to New York City.  After doing shows in coffee shops, clubs, and bars in the City, she recorded and released her first album “Just Me' in 2002.  

This led to tours nationally and in Europe and radio play in the US, UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, including an interview and live performance on BBC radio.  Her music was also heard across the UK in stores like Poundland and JJB Sports.  The follow up albums “My Creation”, “See the Light” and “Fallin” won her some critical acclaim with indie bloggers and review sites and the song Fast Lane was featured in the film “The Nameless”.  Jeneen also made an appearance on the Food Network show “Homemade in America” after a succesful crowdfunding campaign that used cakes and recipes as rewards.

After relocating to Nashville in 2020, Jeneen started recording with producer Buddy Hyatt and collaborating with local artists.  She recently released the single “Tequila” and "Bring the Love Back", a duet with J. Marc Bailey.  With three new singles in the works, Jeneen looks forward to touring again later this year!


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