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Three Artist Releases, Now Top 10!  


December 3, 2021 

New Label, Three Artist Releases, Now Top 10! 

In just over ten weeks, Chair 55 has gone from a new Independent Country Label to releasing three singles, charting all three songs, and NOW, Chair 55 can add a Top 10 Artist! 

With radio promotion handled by industry veteran Alan Young, Chair 55 is already putting their mark on country radio. The first single release was J. Marc Bailey's “I Can’t Stop You’, followed by the debut radio release from Russ Stallons “That’d Be You“(written by Russ Stallons and J. Marc Bailey), and finally the debut single from Walter Finley “While The Sun Still Shines (The Fishing Song)”. Based on NMW Charts, December 3rd, 2021, all three singles are on the Country Digital Top 40, with Walter Finley skyrocketing into the Top 40 and #32. All three are on the Digital Indie Top 30. All three singles are also on the Country Radio Indie Top 30! 

Russ Stallons “That’d Be You” became Chair 55’s FIRST EVER Top 10 Artist, after just 8 weeks of promotion! Russ Stallons' reaction to hearing his debut single made the Top 10? 

“I’m not really sure what to say, it’s all kind of overwhelming. This song means a lot to me personally, and I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to write this song with J. Marc Bailey. It makes me happy to know that other people are loving this song, and hopefully it’s spreading a little more love out into the world. I’m really grateful to all of the radio stations that are playing it, and I just can’t say “thank you” enough!” 

J. Marc Bailey jumped onto the Country Radio Central Regional Chart at #10! “I’m thrilled and excited to see my fellow labelmates get the recognition they deserve. They’re all very talented, have their own unique style and sound. This is a great time to be associated with Chair 55,” commented J. Marc Bailey. 

How does Walter Finley feel on the early success of “While The Sun Still Shines (The Fishing Song)? “The songs are very personal to me. I’m overjoyed with this and it’s been a long time coming. It’s an overwhelmingly great feeling! I’m just glad to be connected with Chair 55.” 

Chair 55’s Management, Deston Rogers, told the artists early on, “each song takes on its own journey. There’s no way to predict what a song will do, where it will go and how it will end. You must have patience and not get discouraged by the ups and downs of the charts. It’s pretty much like a rollercoaster ride.” 

Chair 55 still has three more artists waiting for their releases, Jeneen Terrana, Donny Watts and Cole Bailey. 

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J. Marc Bailey Presents: I Can't Stop You 

January 2021 - Singer J. Marc Bailey recently announced the release of an outstanding new single: “I Can’t Stop You.”  

This particular song was actually set for release to radio in March 2020. With the world coming to a grinding halt due to COVID-19 it has made life pretty tough for people in general and it’s certainly been a major downer for musicians and artists with many of them unable to perform or get their music out there. However, J. Marc managed to stay active writing and recording and now decided to release this song this year with it being the follow up single to “Once A Cowboy,” which is also available on the vast majority of digital streaming platforms, to great critical and public acclaim.  

The song begins with a mellow introduction. The acoustic guitar has a bright, heavenly sound, which lets you feel the strumming attack of the pick, but without giving the part any harshness whatsoever. The sound is so balanced and direct, with a robust low end, but at the same time, a lot of string attack. This is really the kind of acoustic guitar sound that you want from a country-rock album! At the same time, the beautiful lead melody features a creamy overdriven sound, with some nice bends that almost remind the audience of a lap steel guitar, but with a bluesier touch. In addition to that, the drumbeat is steady, serving as the backbone to the song, and giving the track a more natural and powerful feel, with a bit of a pop-rock twist.  

J. Marc is a talented vocalist who knows how to express himself to the fullest. His style makes me think of artists as diverse as Keith Urban, as well as Slaid Cleaves, Brad Paisley, just to name a few of his peers in modern country music.  

This song could almost be defined as a “power ballad.” It has some truly amazing bridges that take the vibe to a more intimate place, but the choruses are really huge, almost aiming for that stadium-sized vibe that you would expect from an arena rock band. The electric guitar, in particular, brings a lot of size to the hooks, with big suspended chords, matching the drums as they become more intense, with some nice cymbal washes and flourishes.  

All in all, this song is an amazing piece of modern country, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any fan of this genre and beyond. The song clocks in at slightly under the 4-minute mark, and in doing so, it feels like a perfectly executed composition. Every part is performed with mastery and with passion, highlighting the perfect balance between technical chops and emotional delivery. This is yet another fantastic addition to J. Marc’s songbook, and it could serve as an amazing introduction to him as an artist, especially if you are not familiar with his music.  

To conclude, it is safe to say that J. Marc definitely managed to set the bar higher with this release and achieve something quite special. “I Can’t Stop You” comes across as a very personal song, which feels like a perfect demonstration of J. Marc’s heartfelt and genuine personality. As an artist, he strikes me as the kind of performer who is often on the lookout for ways to innovate his sound, settling for nothing but the absolute best in terms of quality, on a quest to further redefine his feel and tone.  

Technically speaking, the recording, mixing, and mastering of this song are absolutely flawless, and as a studio geek myself, I always like to focus on this particular aspect when I am listening to new music. Sure, production is not everything, but to me, an artist who creates well-produced songs as J. Marc does is kind of an assurance of quality and credibility. “I Can’t Stop You” would have probably sounded amazing as a rough demo recorded from a phone, but the fact that the track features such a layered and nicely polished (but never “over-polished”) production goes a long way in showing how seriously J. Marc takes his music and his listeners. The production craft on this release, the quality, and the clarity of the recording definitely adds to the listening experience, giving the track a lot of depth and dimension. It almost feels like you are right there in the music when you listen to it on a good set of speakers or with your favorite headphones!  

As always, let the music speak for itself! Do not miss out on “I Can’t Stop You” and other excellent releases from this talented recording artist. Click here to stream it on your favorite platform.